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Have Someone on Your Team that Cares As Much As You Do

When you add Foxfire’s billing services to your practice, you gain years of experience, additional time for your key employees, and peace of mind. Know that your claims are getting paid faster, statements are getting sent sooner, and payments are getting posted daily. Now that is something to smile about.

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Features You Shouldn't Be Without

Beneath the Surface of Foxfire's Revenue Cycle Management

  • Full Cycle – From finalizing batches to processing claims, working denials, posting remits, sending statements, patient collections, and even taking patient phone calls and payments, our team of experts watch over your entire revenue cycle!
  • Foxfire Clearinghouse – Foxfire’s billers have direct access to the clearing house and know instantly if a claim has any errors before it even goes to the insurance company, ensuring that you get paid faster!
  • Data Entry Within 48 Hours – You value your time greatly and so do we. That’s why we are committed to entering data quickly.
  • Effective Statements – Let us manage your patient statements for you. Reduce your receivables with statements that truly pay off.
  • Full Cycle – In addition to getting your insurance claims paid, our team is dedicated to ensuring you get paid by your patients. Avoid unnecessary write-offs and let our team handle patient collections for you.
  • Foxfire Clearinghouse – Our monthly reporting keeps you in the loop and completely informed at all times regarding your billing operations.
  • Foxfire Clearinghouse – Our billers value your time and money and will contact you right away if a claim requires additional information or re-coding. We know that the faster a claim is processed, the faster the money is in your hands!

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Our Clients Say It Best...

“Foxfire’s billing service is amazing! Instead of us having one employee that could leave at any time, we have a sense of security in knowing that Foxfire’s team has us covered. Our dedicated Foxfire biller does a great job communicating with us so we can work together and she is always available for questions. She is always prepared and ready to work through any new insurance requirements. We love having an expert biller at our fingertips!”

~ Patrick Vinzant, Office Administrator, Clinic For Vision

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Rest easy knowing you can let Foxfire take care of your practice so you can manage your patients.
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