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From the Exam Room to Checkout

Our fully-integrated software suite allows you to work in the system you chose. 
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Our Products:

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Spending time logging into different platforms to manage your patients wastes your time, and theirs. Foxfire Pro brings everything you need to manage the entire patient experience to one place.

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Finding an EHR that fits the needs of your practice can be tough. Whether you’re building up your practice or searching for an EHR that only has the features you need

Both Pro and Lite Include:

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We understand how much time and energy it takes to run a business. So, let us help make that a bit easier.

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You shouldn’t have to start from scratch with each and every exam. Foxfire’s Certified EHR simplifies your workflow and optimizes the efficiency of your practice.

Top up your package with our optimizers:

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Foxfire EDI brings everything to you so that you can manage your entire revenue cycle.


Gain comfort in knowing that your billing cycle is not dependent on just one employee.

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Feel confident that your data is being tracked to avoid a negative payment adjustment.

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We help you by giving you precious time back. With just one simple push of a button,

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Give your patients a new way to connect with you and your office between their visits.