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Foxfire EDI

$165 per provider/ per month

There's a better way to get paid

Don't let confusing websites and less than helpful phone calls prevent you from collecting for the work you do. Foxfire EDI brings everything to you so that you can confidently manage your entire revenue cycle.

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The Foxfire Story

The Foxfire brand is quite literally like a fox. It is clever technology. Foxfire is known for their friendly communicative approach, just like a fox.

Did you know? Foxes can make over 40 different sounds. Now that is great communication!

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Remove the Guesswork

Be sure that you are collecting the right amount from your patient. Know that your claim has the right information before it ever leaves the system.
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Features You Shouldn't Be Without

When using Foxfire EDI, you can:

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Our Clients Say It Best...

“It’s so nice being able to follow a claim from the time it gets sent out until the time it is paid. The information that I need to do my job is right at my fingertips.”

~Pam Freeman, Maydew Thibault Optometry

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Rest easy knowing you can let Foxfire take care of your practice so you can manage your patients.
Foxfire. Clever Technology.