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Being burned by a software company that overpromised and underdelivered...

…all for the low-low price of $XYZ, can put a bad taste in your mouth.

You need efficient software. That’s a no brainer.

You also need a partner that will support you at every stage of your business.

If you are going to invest in us, you deserve to have everything you need in one place!

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Product Comparison & Pricing Chart

Compare Features FoxfireLITE
  • EHR
    • Our Electronic Health Records (EHR) is an integral component of both plans—Learn More Here
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  • PM
    • Our Practice Management (PM) is an integral component of both plans—Learn More Here
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  • One-On-One Training
    • We would never leave anyone in the cold—so we make this a core cpart of both of our plans—Learn More Here
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  • Unlimited Support
    • Never feel alone—Always a human on the other side of this digital wall—Learn More Here
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  • Integration with EyeCarePro
    • Campaigns-To-Go
      Our integration with EyeCarePro allows us to offer Campaigns-To-Go. Fill your social channels by scheduling campaigns with the tap of a finger. Earn patient trust and keep them coming back with quality optometry campaigns based on your specialties.


      Reviews and Reputation Management automates your processes by asking every patient for a review when their great experience with you is top-of-mind. Get more reviews and easily respond to them from one dashboard.Online Scheduler
      The Real-Time Scheduler allows patients to book an appointment quickly and easily with your practice at any time, even when you’re closed. It also automatically sends patient notifications saving your staff time.
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  • Integration with 4PatientCare
    • Foxfire works hand-in-hand with 4PatientCare for recalls, appointment reminders, and product pick-up notifications. This integration allows for the patient to receive calls, texts and emails, schedule appointments through web scheduling, and complete patient surveys. The integration also allows for real-time updates right in the system when patients respond to their reminders!
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  • Image Management
    • Foxfire offers DICOM compliant image management. Seamlessly integrate your diagnostic equipment. Quickly and easily view and interpret precise, high-definition images without ever leaving the EHR.
      Print, Scan, Import… ..Not anymore!
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  • GPN EdgePro Included
    • Foxfire’s integration with GPN EdgePro allows you to view the work you do everyday in a very powerful way. Analyze the information so you can make better decisions. Track your progress. And set benchmarks to keep your employees motivated and engaged.
      Included with your Foxfire subscription. Usually $89 per doctor per month.
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  • CLX Integration
    • By taking advantage of our integration with CLX Systems, you can send contact lens orders right from the patient’s record! Plus, you will always have the latest contact lens information available and ready to use. With this level of integration, CLX can communicate with your patients via branded, email and text communications so patients can reorder their lenses or subscribe to future purchases. Competing with online and big-box retail has never been so easy!
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  • VisionWeb Integration
    • Eliminate the hassle of ordering online through individual labs. Our VisionWeb integration allows you to create lab orders and send them directly to your lab. Wasting time on re-entry, plus the possibility of mistakes? Yikes! How about we free up some time for your optical team and let them sell more glasses instead?
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  • Credit Card Processing Integration
    • Our seamless integration with EdgePro makes taking a patient’s payment easier than ever! Credit card payments are applied directly to the patient’s charges.
      • No additional outside line or terminal required, keeping your fax and phone lines free.
      • Fully equipped with Chip and PIN requirements.
      • Ability to capture electronic signatures for payments AND PATIENT FORMS!
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  • Credit Collections Bureau Integration
    • Sending a patient to collections is not usually an easy task. It takes time, paperwork, and phone calls. Our integration with Credit Collections Bureau takes the stress out of your hands. Simply click the “Send” button and Credit Collections Bureau will handle the rest. You never leave your system.
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  • Inventory Management
    • Foxfire offers a complete inventory management system to help you stay informed.
      • Know what is selling and what is not with our detailed reporting.
      • Enter frames with ease by pulling information right from Frames Data or enter a frame manually in seconds.
      • With our wireless barcode scanner system, you can conduct a full frame audit in no time.
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  • On-Demand Eligibility
    • You can learn more about our On-Demand Eligibility Here
  • Centralized Claims
    • You can learn more about our Centralized Claims Here
  • Remit Posting
    • You can learn more about our Remit Posting Here
  • Medication History & e-Prescribing
    • You can learn more about our Medication History & e-Prescribing Here
  • Doctor-to-Doctor Messaging
    • You can learn more about our Medication History & e-Prescribing Here
  • Patient Portal
    • You can learn more about our Patient Portal Here
  • MIPS Consulting
    • You can learn more about our MIPS Consulting Here
  • E-Payment Systems
    • You can learn more about our E-Payment Systems Here

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