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Foxfire Frequently Asked Questions

What does On-Demand Eligibility really mean?

Wouldn’t you like to give your patients a heads up when they have a deductible or copay? With Foxfire’s built-in eligibility feature, you can. Eligibility runs automatically when a new patient is entered into the system. It also runs a specified number of days before their appointment AND you can get the latest eligibility details with just the click of a button at any time!

Do I have to pay extra to send claims directly from the system?

Foxfire’s clearing house is built right into the software. When you are ready to send your claims, simply click the Process Claims button. The rest is on us! Our software even screens them before they leave the system to prevent denied or rejected claims. If a claim needs to be corrected, the reason is displayed for you. It’s easy and it is included as part of your Foxfire subscription!

Can I get the data from my imaging devices right into the patient’s exam record?

Absolutely! Our comprehensive image management system allows us to interface with most diagnostic equipment. Send data and images directly from your device right into the patient's exam record, where you will be able to complete your interpretation, refer your patient for follow-up, and review findings with your patient right from the EHR screen. 

Is Foxfire’s e-prescribing built into the software?

Yes! Enjoy the ability to send an accurate prescription directly to your patient’s pharmacy with no chance of misinterpretation. With Foxfire EHR, you check this step off your list right from the exam screen as e-prescribing is embedded into the software. 

How does Foxfire know what products I want to sell?

Foxfire’s integration with VisionWeb creates a seamless ordering process. Your labs’ catalog is downloaded directly from VisionWeb and embedded into the ordering screen. All you have to do is set your prices. When your lab introduces new products, let us know and we will download them for you so you can sell the latest and greatest to your patients.

Can I order straight from my contact lens distributor without leaving the system?

Contact lens orders are created right in the exam room. Our integration with CLX allows you to order directly from your supplier. When new lens designs are released, we will update your catalog so you are ready to sell them as soon as you are able. Leave no chance for error with retyping the patient prescription in multiple places. Go straight from the exam room, to check out, and directly to CLX. CLX can even hold the orders for you so you can still get your minimum purchase discounts!

What if I need help?

Foxfire has got you covered! With our unlimited support and training, we are always available to help find a solution for you. We are always reachable and on call for emergencies. You can send us an email or give us a call, whatever is easiest for you. We are glad to help, and we actually answer the phones.

How does the onboarding work?

When a new client joins the Foxfire family, we make you feel right at home. The training is always done in a live setting. We start by introducing you to your dedicated trainer and sharing a training agenda, which outlines what is covered in the training sessions and who from the office should attend, although everyone is always welcome to join. Then, we go over the agenda with you and choose times that work best for your staff to complete the training. Your trainer will work with you throughout the whole process to make sure you are ready for your go-live day.

What can I expect if I am converting to Foxfire from a different system?

Our comprehensive data conversion is a seamless process. Our goal is to make it feel like you have been working in our system from the beginning. Our team extracts the data from your previous system and begins work on your field-to-field conversion right away. We then set up time to review the conversion with you. We spot-check multiple patients with you to ensure that everything is in the right place.

Does Foxfire follow my claim through the entire processing cycle?

Yes, it really does! Check the status of a claim at any time. You will be able to see if it has been sent, received by the payor, accepted by the payor, and processed. No more phone calls to follow up; just check right in the software.

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  • Our Diagnostic Equipment Interface List. This list is not 100% complete. If your equipment is not listed, give us a call and we'll let you know if we support it.