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Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

Foxfire’s Certified EHR simplifies your workflow and optimizes the efficiency of your practice. Customize your exam templates. Automatically receive data from your imaging devices. Spend less time typing and more time with your patient.

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We Go the Extra Mile to Keep Your Workflow Close to Home

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Features You Shouldn't Be Without

Beneath the Surface of Foxfire EHR

  • Innovative & Efficient Exam Document exam data quickly and correctly. Review previous exams without leaving the screen.

  • Advanced Customization Capabilities – Customize fields, dropdowns, exam types, fast plans and more to fit your needs, all of which can be done in advance or on the go.

  • Image Management & Drawing Capabilities – DICOM image management comes built into Foxfire EHR. Seamlessly integrate your diagnostic equipment at no additional cost. You can quickly and easily view and interpret precise, high-definition images without ever leaving the EHR.

  • Seamless Integration With Diagnostic Equipment – Our EHR allows true integration to most diagnostic hardware. Whether it’s a Fundus Camera, a Visual Field or an OCT—it’s likely that Foxfire EHR can integrate with it.
    • E-Prescribing & Medication Management – Save paper and time by using e-prescribing to send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy. Pair it with the Patient Portal and allow patients to have quick and easy access to their prescription information anytime and anywhere.

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    Our Clients Say It Best...

    “As I use the system, I am finding more and more ways to improve the customization to fit our needs and improve our efficiency.”

    -Shanna Studer, OD Three Rivers Eyecare

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    Rest easy knowing you can let Foxfire take care of your practice so you can manage your patients.
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