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EHR included with both Foxfire Pro and Foxfire Lite
Interested in EHR only? $200 per provider / per month

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Typing the same thing over and over can get a little tedious. You shouldn’t have to start from scratch with each and every exam. Foxfire’s Certified EHR simplifies your workflow and optimizes the efficiency of your practice. Spend less time typing and more time with your patient.

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Let's talk Speed.  We have made sure our technology won't slow you down—quite the opposite actually.

I'm sure you knew foxes were fast—but did you know how fast? They can run up to 45 mph (72 km/h) which is almost as fast as the blackbuck antelope. That is one of the world's fastest animals!

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Automatically receive data from your imaging devices. Customize your exam templates. Enjoy ready-to-use Fast Plans that shave valuable minutes off of every patient exam.

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

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Features You Shouldn't Be Without

EHR Features:

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Our Clients Say It Best...

“As I use the system, I am finding more and more ways to improve the customization to fit our needs and improve our efficiency.”

~Shanna Studer, OD

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Rest easy knowing you can let Foxfire take care of your practice so you can manage your patients.
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