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Marcia Crittenden

Marcia Crittenden
EDI Specialist

Marcia is the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technician at Foxfire. Her responsibilities are widespread. She is in charge of setting up new offices within the clearinghouse and ensuring that the office is able to send electronic claims and receive remits electronically. Foxfire’s clearinghouse has over 6000 insurance payers that are able to receive claims and send back the EOBs electronically.

Marica graduated from Madison High School in Madison South Dakota. She has been in the insurance field for all of her adult life, except for 9 months when went to work for a farm supply company part time so she could help a neighbor, on their farm, following a heart attack.

Marcia has been with Foxfire since 2013. “We are a family here at Foxfire.”, says Marica. Aside from being a great resource to Foxfire clients, she enjoys the great outdoors! She loves camping, fishing, riding horse and, of course, farming!

  • Start work late // leave work early?
  • Win the lottery // land your dream job?
  • Ketchup // ranch?
  • Crunchy peanut butter // smooth peanut butter?
  • Guacamole // salsa?