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Chris Stemwedel

Chris Stemwedel
Product Specialist

Chris has been with Foxfire since 2014 and currently works in the Customer Service Department. During his time, he has learned to work with various types of different EHR and PM programs for clients. He has also worked with different types of hardware to help integrate them into the various Foxfire programs. Chris attended the University of South Dakota for Secondary Education regarding history and political science. 

Prior to working with Foxfire, he worked with Communication Services for the Deaf in various positions and departments. Chris and his wife have been together since 2000. They have two daughters and he loves to spend time with them and help them with the various activities they are involved in. He also enjoys camping, golfing, swimming, barbequing, and training his dog to hunt.

  • Start work late // leave work early?
  • Visual learner // verbal learner?
  • Pineapple pizza // candy corn?
  • Glass half full // glass half empty?
  • Zombies // vampires?