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Don't Let the Weight Rest On Your Shoulders

Let The Foxfire Team Guide You

Meeting All of The Requirements Can Be Stressful

Avoid receiving a negative payment adjustment. Our team will hold your hand along the way to help you meet all of the measures to successfully attest.

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You Shouldn't Have to Wonder If You Are Covered

Get Expert MIPS Guidance The Whole Way Through

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Features You Shouldn't Be Without

Beneath the Surface of MIPS Consulting

  • Unlimited MIPS Consulting – Receive unlimited training and support to meet the minimum requirements of MIPS.
  • Foxfire Clearinghouse – We will monitor and send a monthly MIPS report with advice on any measure that the provider may be falling close to or below the minimum threshold for attestation.
  • Foxfire Clearinghouse – Security Risk Analysis Assistance – Foxfire staff will provide a guide for the completion of a Security Risk Analysis and offer additional support upon request.
  • Attestation Assistance – Our staff will be available to provide attestation assistance. We will help collect and review the data and be available for support while you submit to CMS.
  • Foxfire Clearinghouse – MIPS Audit Assistance – Unfortunately we all have to go through an audit at some point, but rest assured Foxfire will gladly provide assistance and support throughout the entire process.

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Our Clients Say It Best...

“Foxfire MIPS Consulting has greatly reduced my concerns about proper MIPS reporting. We appreciate the coaching and guidance in navigating the MIPS Maze.”

~ James W. Bedsole, OD

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Rest easy knowing you can let Foxfire take care of your practice so you can manage your patients.
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