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$85 per provider/ per month

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Don't Try to Remember, Just Know

Not having the tools you need to follow-up on your patient’s care can really slow things down. With Foxfire’s EHR Toolkit, you have everything to manage your patient built right into the exam.

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Let's talk Speed.  We have made sure our technology won't slow you down—quite the opposite actually.

I'm sure you knew foxes were fast—but did you know how fast? They can run up to 45 mph (72 km/h) which is almost as fast as the blackbuck antelope. That is one of the world's fastest animals!

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Peace of Mind… ..what a nice feeling.

Our EHR System Features:

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Features You Shouldn't Be Without

Our EHR Toolkit brings it all together by:

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Lee Fordff

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Our Clients Say It Best...

“Having the ability pull in a patient’s current medications and send their prescriptions to the pharmacy from the exam record is a game changer.”

~Lee Ford, OD

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Rest easy knowing you can let Foxfire take care of your practice so you can manage your patients.
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