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Foxfire Features

Foxfire EHR

Complete Customization
While the EHR software comes with everything you need right out of the box, the entire system is customizable. At any time, you and your staff have access to personalize drop-downs, menus, doctor letters and more with just a double click. Don’t make your practice fit an EHR when our EHR can be customized to fit your practice.

Image Management
Foxfire offers DICOM compliant image management. We can help streamline the collection of images by integrating your diagnostic equipment, directly into the system. There, you can use the advanced tools to view, annotate, diagnose and compare your patient’s images.

Fast Plans
Foxfire offers a host of pre-built patient plans to streamline the process of closing a patient chart. The Fast Plans populate information based on the exam to provide patient education, medications, instructions, plan discussion and follow-up orders. While there are basic options available for use, you can customize it even further so that each doctor has their own personal plans for each condition.

Built-In E-Prescribing
Foxfire comes with e-prescribing built directly into the system. You can extract patient medication history directly into the system and send prescription information directly to the pharmacy with the click of a button. This function also allows you to extract patient medications from a pharmacy. Our process of pulling in medications and e-prescribing includes efficiencies that will streamline this process without any extra steps!

Exam Device Interfaces
Devices such as your Auto Refractor, Tonometer, Lensometer and Keratometer can be set up to talk to Foxfire’s EHR. We also set up your imaging equipment such as your OCT, Fundus and Visual Field devices. This way, you aren’t entering data from the machine by hand but instead pulling in the data directly. Better yet, there is no cost associated with setting up these devices!

Direct Messaging
Quickly and easily communicate with referring or fellow providers using direct doctor-to-doctor messaging. Built into the system, you have the ability to send messages, documents and images electronically to other providers, minimizing both time and paperwork. We also discussed the ability to fax right out of the system! No need to print anything or tie up phone lines, faxing is now electronic and easier than ever!

Our easy-to-use drawing tool allows you to document details regarding your diagnosis with the use of our stamps. We were able to demonstrate how easily you will be able to indicate the location of findings in no time at all!

Our Foxfire staff are considered specialists in MIPS. With our MIPS consulting service, we monitor your MIPS reports on a monthly basis, provide feedback and assist with all attestations. In the event of an audit, Foxfire will handle all requirements.

Foxfire Practice Management

VisionWeb Integration & Optical Lab Orders
Our Vision Web integration allows you to create a lab order and send it directly to your lab through Vision Web. This process eliminates the hassle of having to order online with individual labs. Because of the high level of integration, we can minimize the amount of time your optical team is using to send orders. Orders begin as quotes and are tracked by Order Statuses. The system tracks each time a user makes a change to the status of an order.

Contact Lens Ordering – CLX System
The integration we have with CLX takes away all the trouble of trying to manage and keep your CL catalog up-to-date. The order interface is preloaded with a database of contact lenses at no charge. Additional marketing services are available from CLX as a result of the data shared between Foxfire and CLX. With this level of integration, CLX can communicate with your patients via branded, email and text communications so patients can reorder their lenses or subscribe to future purchases. Competing with online and big-box retail has never been so easy!

Inventory Management
Foxfire offers a complete inventory management system to help your clinic stay up-to-date. The system utilizes wireless barcode scanners and labels to automatically update inventory upon purchase. Full audit and reporting features allow you to effectively manage and track your inventory. Frames can be entered into the system by pulling from Frames Data or by manual entry. Using a DYMO label printer, you can print a label for each frame to help easily track each frame.

Credit Card Processing
Our credit card service is built directly into Foxfire software. There is no additional outside line or terminal required as with other systems that utilize a fax or phone line. This allows credit card payments to be applied directly to the charge orders within the patient’s account. Our service is fully equipped with the Chip and PIN requirements and a signature pad. These features minimize the amount of time it takes to swipe credit cards and offers a tool for collecting signatures electronically. Using the signature pad, your patients can electronically sign any additional forms you may want to have on file including the receipts or order forms, whichever you decide you want a signature on!

Text and Email Statements
Save time, money, and paper. Text or Email your patient their statement with the click of a button. Plus, with Foxfire’s Delay Pay option, you can offer your patients a way to break up those payments and HERE’S THE BEST PART: You get your money today!

Recalls and Appointment Reminders
Foxfire works hand-in-hand with 4PatientCare for recall and appointment reminders. This integration allows for the patient to receive calls, texts and emails for their appointments, schedule appointments through web scheduling and complete patient surveys. The integration also allows for the Practice Management system to be updated in real-time when patients respond to appointment reminders or confirm their appointments!

Patient Documents
Our PM system provides the ability to scan and electronically store any patient document. This includes drivers licenses, insurance cards, insurance eligibility forms and more. We also provide the capability to create electronic documents for your forms such as HIPAA, NPP and consents. This feature captures an electronic signature to be kept on that file for easy reference.

Foxfire Appointment Manager
Our scheduler gives you the opportunity to create as many different calendars and templates as you see fit. The customization options here are endless. You can create appointment types and outline durations, descriptions and colors of your choosing! Making an appointment is as simple as a double click, and rescheduling is a simple drag away! That’s only the beginning! We also offer a number of reports, recall options and a waiting list to best fit your practice!

Foxfire Claims
Foxfire’s Claims is the ultimate tool for sending, editing and resubmitting claims. The system not only sends claims to the payer, but it also alerts you to rejected claims and flags invalid claims that never made it to the payer. All this data is available to you in real-time, allowing you to quickly review, edit and resubmit invalid or rejected claims faster than ever before. Using this system can save your clinic days’ worth of waiting because you no longer have to wait for a payer to submit denials through an EOB.

Electronic Eligibility
Foxfire offers electronic eligibility for all eligible medical payers. For patients with medical insurance being seen in the office, this process can prove to be quite beneficial. Our system automatically provides eligibility details at the time the appointment is made and again the night before the patient’s appointment. This provides you details specific to deductible, co-pay, co-insurance and allows you to verify that a patient has active insurance prior to their trip to the office!

Posting ERA’s
Not only will your ERA’s appear for your review, but Foxfire’s system will also take it a step further, posting each payment to the patient’s account. This includes all adjustments. It will also take any remaining balance and transfer to Patient Responsible or a secondary payer if secondary insurance is recognized. We eliminate the need to manually update claims to secondary payers!

Foxfire Revenue Cycle Management
By outsourcing your billing to our trained experts, your staff will have more time to focus on patient care. Plus, with over 100 years of combined experience, we know the keys to helping you get paid faster. Our billing specialists are ready to help manage your billing and provide personalized customer service that ensures your practice is in good hands!

GPN EdgePro
Foxfire is integrated with GPN EdgePro and you can learn more HERE. It is a very powerful tool for analyzing, tracking, and benchmarking and it is included with your Foxfire subscription.

Our integration with EyeCarePro allows us to offer Campaigns-To-Go, which allows you to fill your social channels by scheduling campaigns with the tap of a finger. Earn the trust of patients and keep them coming back with quality optometry campaigns based on your specialties.

Reviews and Reputation Management automates your processes by asking every patient for a review when their great experience with you is top-of-mind. Get more reviews and easily respond to them from one dashboard.

Online Scheduler
The Real-Time Scheduler allows patients to book an appointment quickly and easily with your practice at any time, even when your closed. It also automatically sends patient notifications saving your staff time.

Foxfire Customer Service

All-In-One Solution
What sets Foxfire apart from the competition is our full-service approach. As the leading, single-source provider, we offer a complete suite of products without the hassle of dealing with third-party vendors. We have all the resources you need, right here at Foxfire.

24-7 Customer Service
One of the best resources Foxfire offers is our expert customer service team. We know customer service is one of the biggest complaints in the industry so we strive to be an industry leader in the way we handle our clients. We offer one-on-one in-person training, 24-hour technical support and in-house experts that are ready to assist you every step of the way.

Easy Transition
Foxfire’s software system is built in a way that allows users to quickly and easily navigate through an exam. Because it works so smoothly, the transition to Foxfire software is easier on our clients compared to other systems. Our team will customize your training to fit your practice’s learning style, regardless of your computer knowledge or experience.