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Doctors Tell Us Why

This EHR Is More Than Meets Your Eye

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Doctors Told Us 3 Really BIG Reasons

Why Foxfire EHR Changed Their Practices

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1.0 Foxfire doesn’t just give you a PDF of your old data when you sign on

At Foxfire, we care about patient data as much as you do. When you join our family (yep we have been together a loooong time), our development team will transfer your data to our system so you’ll be able to see and use it as if you’d been here all along.

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2.0 Foxfire believes that you shouldn’t have to leave your software for anything

No more logging in to multiple websites, Yahoo!! Our suite of products were designed to help offices better manage the entire patient process—without leaving the Foxfire system or needing to remember numerous login passwords and usernames!

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3.0 You Don't Pay Extra for the Support You Deserve

And who wants a manual or guesswork? The advantage of our unlimited training. Foxfire takes a hands-on approach to training and we are committed to learning about your workflow—because not all practices are the same. We get to know every step of your process, and tailor our training to what works for you. Our software enhances what you do, it doesn't change what you do.

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If Your Plan is a Little Bit Lite...

Try One of Our Optimizers—Bolster Practice Efficiency

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Revenue Cycle Management

Know that your claims are getting paid faster, statements are getting sent sooner, and payments are getting posted daily. Add this optimizer to your Pro or Lite Plan.

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Foxfire EDI

Be sure that you are collecting the right amount from your patient and know that your claim has the right information before it ever leaves the system with this optimizer.

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ePayment Systems

Text or email your patient and they can pay their bill right from their phone. Plus, purchases can be broken up into payments with our Delay Pay option.

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Our Clients Say It Best...

“I love that Foxfire has brought the office into the 21st century! We still have that “connection” with our patients while wowing them, (and ourselves!) with the latest office technology! We have definitely improved the mechanics of our office because of the information FoxFire allows us to track!”

~ Trina Woods, Office Manager, Burlington Family Eyecare

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Foxfire in Business 49 years
Rest easy knowing you can let Foxfire take care of your practice so you can manage your patients.
Foxfire. Clever Technology.
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