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3 Reasons Why You NEED to Read

3 Reasons Why You NEED to Read

Before looking at how reading really shapes your business, it is important to define what type of business you want. Are you interested in a business that provides a profit? Well. of course. But are you also interested in a business that gives you more than just a profit? Maybe a business that provides a safe place for your employees and your patients? Or maybe a place where they can grow and learn?

Let’s look at how reading not only makes you smarter by exercising your brain, but how it gives you tools for reaching your goals.

1. Reading Inspires

If you want to make something amazing, you have to put amazing things into your mind.

Knowing that you want to create a business that does more than just provides a service or product is a great start. Most people, especially business owners, want to do more. The problem is staying inspired. Reading about what others are doing and ways that they are finding growth opportunities in their businesses can provide just the inspiration needed.

You know that feeling you get when you attend a conference or lecture and you can’t wait to get back to work, because you are going to change everything in your practice? That feeling is amazing and hopefully you can hold onto it for a while. But, let’s face it, that feeling fades as the day-to-day responsibilities catch up with you. Reading is a great tool to help bridge that gap between the activities that inspire you.

Taking care of yourself is also important. So, be sure to put things into your mind that will help you provide value to others. Think of an airplane. The flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else. The same goes with reading. How can you help others if you are not, first, inspired by information?

2. Reading Scares

Ever heard the acronym FOMO?

Just in case, FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. If you know what others are doing, you will learn what you want to do. Staying involved in industry specific news is important, but what about trends in leadership, or marketing, or administration? What are other optometry practices doing to provide cutting-edge care for their patients? What are other professionals doing to provide care for themselves?

The heading, Reading Scares, is not meant to really scare you, but rather to provide motivation to continue to find new ways to practice. You don’t know what you don’t know. How can you find out what you don’t know? READ.

The more information that you put into your mind, the bigger your arsenal of tools will be as opportunities in your practice present themselves. Instead of these being amazing ways to grow your business, they could be missed, because you didn’t know you were looking for them.

3. Reading Drives

Keep the needle moving…

A business owner can have the best ideas in the world, but the drive it takes to put those ideas into action is what sets good businesses apart from great ones. Sometimes perfectionism can stop you from taking steps towards your goals. The build-up of a great idea and how it should look can inspire you but understanding that it is more important to “keep the needle moving”, than to be perfect, is the key to success.

Filling your mind with valuable material that inspires you can provide the drive you need to keep working towards your goals, even when things are not perfect. Reading is a necessity in any industry. However, a business owner has a duty to themselves and all the individuals they are responsible for to continue to learn. In the unique industry of optometry, it is imperative to stay on the forefront of business trends and technology.

Reading means something different to everyone. Whether you enjoy listening to someone or holding a book in your hand, reading is the key to success!