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Efficient EHR Features

What makes FoxFire EHR more efficient?

When searching for an EHR provider, a major point of emphasis is the ability to quickly and easily document an exam. The closer you can resemble a paper chart the better. The faster you can enter information the better. The fewer tabs and clicks you have to navigate, the better. FoxFire EHR is built specifically with these ideals in mind. Our system works to simplify navigation, reduce clicks and streamline the exam to fit the doctor's style. But don't just take our word for it.

Read some of our client reviews to see how its impacted practices and watch the quick snapshot below to see the different efficiency features in action.

Some of the highlighted Features Include:

Highlighted Fields for Specific Exam Types

Automation Speeds up Workflow

Complete Customization

Fast Plans and Doctor's Letters

Interested in seeing more? We've got quick drawing tools, easy-view DICOM images and more! Schedule a full demo today and we'll show you our complete system.

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