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Don’t Wait to Switch EHR – Here’s Why

Learn the negative impacts of using a poor EHR system

If you’ve been teetering with the idea of switching your EHR provider, chances are you have a long list of reasons why your current EHR just isn’t cutting it. You may be slowly researching new providers, checking out a demo here and there. But what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to switch EHR, we’re here to tell you there is no better time than now. The negative consequences of continuing to use a system that doesn’t fit your practice only compounds with time. While the thought of switching systems may seem like a daunting task, there are several factors that you should consider that demonstrate why you can’t, and shouldn’t, wait to make the switch.

Reduced Patient Load
If you’re using a faulty, out-of-date, or inefficient system it’s almost guaranteed that your patient load is taking a hit. One of the last places you want to see an EHR impact your practice negatively is your patient load or ability to see a high number of patients per day. The longer you continue to use your current system, the fewer patients you are seeing over the course of a few months, years, etc. This impacts the success of your business on a multitude of levels.

Lost Profits
Your daily patient load is directly proportional to your profits. The fewer patients you can see in a day the less money you are making. Analyzing a practice’s current patient load, we often find thousands of dollars or more left on the table, simply because their EHR can’t keep up.

Practice profits are also impacted when it comes to staffing. While good personnel are an invaluable asset, some practices are keeping excess staff on the clock just to get everything done. A more efficient system built around your patient flow can loosen up some extra time for staff to focus on the patients rather than working on paperwork behind the scenes.

Compliance Issues
If you’re not familiar with Meaningful Use and PQRS then your EHR is not cutting it. There’s a host of requirements providers must meet or they face potential penalties and fines. While this may seem insignificant, the penalties your practice faces will add up, quickly. The longer you wait to switch to a compliant system, the farther behind you fall and the more fees it could cost your practice.

Outdated Technology
The world of technology and EHR software is always growing and changing. There is new equipment, new testing, new software updates that constantly change the game. You can’t afford to be stuck in an old system, using old technology. It will only hinder your ability to provide good patient care and limit how your practice can advance.

Lost Confidence
Let’s face it, not everyone is tech-savvy. But the thought of EHR should not be scary. Those who are stuck in a poor system with poor customer support are slowly destroying their confidence and their positive attitude towards the future of healthcare. You can’t afford to wait to see the negative implications pile up. You want to be confident in your EHR and rest assured you’re in good hands.

While there are certain steps you will have to take to switch your EHR provider, it is clear that the longer you wait to make the switch the more you are hurting your success. Take the next step now and find an EHR provider with the quality, support and innovation you can work and grow with.

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