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5 Reasons to Switch EHR

Don't Get Stuck With a Bad System

Take a look at five of the most common reasons practices are looking to switch their EHR providers. If you're experiencing some of these same issues/concerns, chances are your EHR is not a good fit. Take a minute to read through and consider how these impact your daily operations. It may be time to look at what else is out there.

1. Cost & Hidden Fees

The cost of an EHR system is one of the most common factors practices address when choosing a provider. It is also one of the most common reasons practices switch EHR. Whether you're getting hit with hidden fees or forced to pay upgrade costs, your practice literally can't afford to be bogged down by unplanned expenses. If you're seeing numbers pile up quickly, you need to consider a more cost effective system.

2. Inefficient Software

If you find yourself taking longer to complete a patient exam because of your EHR, chances are your patient load is being negatively impacted. Efficiency in a practice is key in terms of staying on schedule and maximizing the number of patients you can see per day. More patients means more profits. Switching to a new EHR provider may provide you with the efficiency your practice needs.

3. Not Built for Eye Care

There are several EHR providers that offer software for a wide spectrum of specialties. These are general systems, built to fit multiple needs while offering little in terms of customization. Using this type of system, you may be experiencing more difficulties because it just can't accommodate everything that your practice needs. Choosing an EHR provider built specifically for eye care will provide you with all the tools you need, arranged in a way that will optimize your patient flow.

4. Poor Customer Support

Although most EHR systems offer methods for getting assistance, there is a clear difference between good customer support and bad customer support. You shouldn't have to wait on the phone for hours or speak to someone overseas. You shouldn't have to wait weeks for an email back fixing your problem. If you're falling behind because you're not getting the support you need, you have to consider switching to a provider with a team you can truly rely on.

5. Discontinued/Outdated Technology

Let's face it, technology is always changing and your EHR system needs to keep up. You can't afford to get stuck with outdated software or your practice will slowly fall behind. Not only does this negatively impact your operations but it also impacts your confidence moving forward. If you're still using old software, it's time to get your practice up to speed with an EHR provider that you can trust to lead the way as technology continues to change.

Although switching to a new EHR system may seem like a daunting task, it can have a huge, positive impact on your practice. A good EHR system can motivate staff, simplify daily operations, increase patient load, improve patient care and change your attitude toward EHR. Want to see what we mean? Consider taking FoxFire EHR for a spin. We'd love to show you personally how we tackle these issues and lead the way for EHR in eye care.

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