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How Many Patients Can You See Per Day?

Ten Questions to Get You Thinking...

Before electronic health records (EHR) were implemented, providers each had their own method and process by which they used pen and paper to complete their exam documentation. Most had this process down flat, meaning they were able to maximize the number of patients they could see in any given day. A full schedule meant more revenue.

Now enter electronic health records.

For some doctors who chose a less than acceptable provider, EHR was viewed as a wrench thrown into a well-oiled machine. They faced a huge learning curve of how to utilize their new system while maintaining an acceptable timeframe. It only caused confusion and lost revenue. Even now as EHR has become mainstream in the healthcare industry, there are still providers who are choosing systems that do not fit their documentation needs. They see slow results, poor design and a lack of customer service that can keep their practice up and running to its full potential.

If you’re looking to boost the number of patients that you can see per day, start by taking a look at your current practice operations and your EHR system and ask yourself the following questions:

General Questions:

  1. How many patients do I want to see per day?
  2. What part of my patient process takes the most time?
  3. Is there a tool to reduce the time this process takes? (i.e., scribe, equipment, software etc.)
  4. What areas of the schedule are available to add additional patients?
  5. How does staff affect available time?

EHR Questions:

  1. What is my primary concern in documenting on paper that I want in my EHR?
  2. Does the workflow in my EHR match my documentation style?
  3. What areas within my EHR are slowing me down?
  4. What areas would I like streamlined/simplified?
  5. Would you like to see 1-2 more patients per day?

If you answered yes to that last one, it’s time you checked out FoxFire EHR. Our clients are experiencing a much different result than the one described above. They are enthralled with the customer support and are able to use a system that not only keeps up with their daily schedule but improves it! Our software has the patient process down to a science, meaning quicker documentation and the ability to fill that schedule to its full potential.

Schedule a demo at your convenience and see how you can become more efficient.

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