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How Fast is Your EHR?

Fast Loading, Fast Workflow, Fast Support - Is Your EHR Up to Speed?

When it comes to EHR, doctors and staff are looking for a system that emanates efficiency. Sitting down with a patient, the last thing you want to do is wait for your EHR to load or spend 20 minutes navigating unnecessary screens. You need a quick, reliable software solution that keeps up with your exam procedure and allows you to see more patients than you thought possible.

What makes an EHR system fast?

Everyone on the market makes claims to being the "most efficient" or the "fastest" solution. But what really makes an EHR solution fast? Is it the processing? Is it the design? Is the customer service key? Yes, Yes and yes. A complete software solution will offer the tools and structure to improve a practice's efficiency from top to bottom. To show you what we mean and demonstrate how FoxFire EHR is truly efficient, we've picked out some key features and highlighted them below.

Don't believe us? Schedule a full demo and let us show you live.

Simple but Complete Exam Documentation

FoxFire EHR offers complete exam documentation but on an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It's easy to navigate and built with workflow in mind to guide you through your exams.

Highlighted Fields for Specific Exam TypesFoxFire EHR Workup

Check out this screen shot from FoxFire software. We've highlighted specific fields for this exam type to catch your attention.

Automation Speeds up Workflow

Let our EHR guide you to the next required field so you have less thinking to do and less clicking!

Integrated Tools

Want e-prescribing? Want Patient Portal? We've got that and more and they're built right into the software. Don't waste time opening new windows, flipping back and forth or getting lost.

Complete Customization

One of the easiest ways to improve efficiency is to use a system and style you're familiar with. Complete customization allows you to build the EHR to fit your needs, say what you want and work the way you're used to working. From drop downs and exam styles, to custom fields and fast plans, our EHR can be customized just the way you like.

Fast Plans and Doctor's LettersEHR Doctor's Letters CompleteEHR Doctor's Letter

Speaking of fast plans, our system generates fast plans so you spend less time writing them up. Need a doctor's letter? A few clicks and it's done. Check out the shots on the right to see our Doctor's Letter template and a version completed with just one click.


So, how do you know if your EHR fast? Can it do all this? Are you seeing as many patients as you'd like? If not, why not explore your options. Schedule a demo and see just how fast our EHR can be.

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