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Make Patient Billing Simple

Choosing how to manage your billing is integral to running a successful business. You not only need to determine who is doing your billing, but what tools you will need to best manage the process. Even the most experienced billers are limited in their abilities by their billing software or lack thereof. Plus, for a majority of practices, the billing responsibility falls onto the office staff that may have little to no experience in billing. At FoxFire Systems Group, we aim to equip staff, both experienced and not, with the most efficient, intuitive tools to effectively manage billing operations.

How do we do that you ask? We offer our own clearinghouse, streamlined payment processing and one of the most advanced claim management systems on the market.

Streamlined Patient Account Management

Managing your practice’s billing operations isn’t just limited to filing claims and dealing with insurance. There are patient responsible balances, insurance balances and managing your accounts receivable. Having the right tools to streamline your billing workflow can make a time-consuming process much easier to manage.

How does FoxFire software differ?

FoxFire practice management software aims to take what you do on a daily basis and make it simpler, quicker and more effective. Our software houses all patient billing information within one screen, streamlining your ability to manage a patient’s account and process their payments. Quickly and easily review their insurance claims, payments received and account balances, saving you time and eliminating the hassle of navigating through a mess of screens and tabs.

FoxFire Clearinghouse

FoxFire Systems Group operates our own clearinghouse. This means no middle man, faster turnaround and no games.

What does a clearinghouse do?

A clearinghouse serves as the intermediary between the healthcare provider and the insurance payer. The clearinghouse functions as the middle man, forwarding claims information from one party to the other. During this process, the clearinghouse “scrubs” the claim, checking for errors and verifying that it is compatible with the payer software. The clearinghouse also checks the validity and appropriateness of procedural and diagnosis codes to prevent excess time processing errors.

Why is this important?

While it may seem like a minute detail, working with a clearinghouse can present substantial difficulties. There can be an extended amount of time to process claims and there is the potential hassle of trying to deal with a third party vendor. With the ultimate goal to get paid faster, you don’t want to waste time waiting for claims to process.

How does this impact your operations?

First off, working with FoxFire Systems Group means you get top-notch customer service. You don’t have to worry about dealing with a third party middleman and can count on quicker, more personal service. In addition, FoxFire’s clearinghouse offers us the ability to significantly reduce the amount of time providers spend processing, editing and submitting claims. Faster turnaround time means you get paid sooner.

FoxFire EDI – Claim Manager

Let’s get right down to it. One of the most important functions of billing is managing claims. As a healthcare provider, you deal extensively with insurance companies and rely heavily on the success of submitted claims. But it’s not as simple as filing and getting paid. You have to verify eligibility. You have to submit the appropriate patient information. You have to document the appropriate procedure and diagnosis codes. You have to wait for the claim to process. You have to deal with rejected or denied claims. It all adds up fast and it’s not easy.

So how can FoxFire EDI help?

FoxFire EDI software is one of the most advanced claim management systems on the market. We offer the most efficient tools for checking eligibility, tracking claims, editing claims and streamlining your billing operations.


  • Electronically receive Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) – receive and view an electronic copy of your patient’s EOB to review what their insurance covers.
  • View EOB’s in real time. Check a paitent’s eligibility prior to their appointment or do it at time-of-service.


  • View and track all submitted claims easily in one dashboard.
  • Immediately review denied or rejected claims and the reason why so you can re-submit claims faster than even before.
  • Easily edit claims. Edit your denied or rejected claims within the software to save your staff time.


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