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Clients Successfully Paid with ICD-10

FoxFire Clients Successfully Paid with ICD-10

We're happy to announce paid claims from major payers!

We cannot contain our excitement! FoxFire is very pleased to announce that our clients are successfully being paid with ICD-10. Claims submitted after the October 1, 2015 deadline using the new ICD-10 codes are successfully being paid by the major payers such as Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and more. We're one of the first to see successful payments and we want to share that success with you!

Utilize ICD-10 successfully and easily with FoxFire software. With our built-in ICD-10 coding and our amazing support team, we can quickly and easily get you up to speed and get you paid. If your EHR provider is struggling with ICD-10 or you want to see just how easy it can be, contact a FoxFire representative today.

We're ready and eager to share our success.

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